With Diesel being one of the most expensive commodities , and when it comes to the construction industry it probably is, which leads to theft or shortages of diesel being refilled or kept on site .

PetroGulfs on site diesel refuelling services not just stops the theft of diesel , but also ensures that when there is an emergency that requires diesel you do not have any down time .

We provide real time footage of the exact amounts of diesel being refuelled into your machinery and generators to ensure that everyone involved in the process is aware of exact amount of diesel being refuelled and used .

This process makes it easier for companies to also calculate the exact amount of diesel being used on each machine , and can improve productivity through less down time .

All of our staff are Hazchem certified , as well as correctly trained to ensure no wastage takes place , and correct safety measures are in place before the refilling process begins .

Our construction site refuelling fleet is available 24 hours, 7 days a week .

For more information regarding our onsite diesel refuelling service, contact us today .